A Letter To Myself Part 2 – This time next year

Hi Debbi,

It is nearly the end of your first year at University, I hope it’s everything we’ve ever dreamed of and more.

When we wrote the letter last year life was so much different, let’s address some of the things we mentioned and how our life has changed in every way…

Our friends – yes, the group did grow, and yes, some people were lost but that’s life, and we’ll forever believe that everything happens for a reason, I just hope the majority are still around.

Our job – although we loved our first job at the time, we now know it wasn’t for us…but that Christmas temp position we got at our favourite cosmetic store changed our life. So many of the people there are now what I hope to be our lifelong friends, they are amazing human beings.

Our happiness – the past year has been full of trials, but people still think of us as one of the happiest people around, and it’s never been faked. I hope that this will continue and that we will continue to always find something to be glad about.

We’ve hit our goals for this year, we are healthier (hello yoga!) and we’ve met so many new people again, they are amazing and you are too! 

I hope life has continued on an upward slope for us and that University is doing you well.

Until next year…

Hello reader,
If you’ve been reading my blog since the beginning, you will know that, just over a year ago, I published a letter that I had written for myself to read this year. This is my continuation of that letter…
Unfortunately, my blog has been lacking for the past 9 months, life has just been in the way. However, it is nearly exam leave, and then it’s a month until my A Levels are over before a long summer before starting at University. I hope to, after completing my exams, regain the inspiration I had when I began this blog and start to blog more regularly again.
Until June 22nd, Debbi x


Being vegetarian

For nearly two years I have been a strict ovo-vegetarian. ‘What is an ovo-vegetarian?’ I hear you say, well an ovo-vegetarian is someone who doesn’t eat meat or dairy but still eats eggs, thereby not being a vegan. It is likely, however, that I will one day become a vegan, just currently I am not as my eggs are supplied by my own free range chickens who I know are happy in their life.

Before I fully considered myself a vegetarian, I wasn’t exactly the biggest meat-eater. More often than not, I would choose a Quorn substitute over the meat the rest of my family would be eating for dinner that night. But at the end of 2014, I was feeling immense guilt every time I ate any meat, particularly chicken since my pets were my everything. By February 2015 I was happily referring to myself as vegetarian and wasn’t even tempted by the smell of my favourite meaty dishes.

Over the time I have been vegetarian, a lot of people ask the same questions… ‘But don’t you miss meat?’ ‘But WHY are you vegetarian?’ ‘haha but do you hate me because I eat meat?’
The answer to both the first and last questions is simply no. In my opinion, everyone is entitled to their own views on how to live their life and, although I think vegetarianism is the way forward, if it’s not for you then I can’t change that. With missing meat, I never liked it enough to be able to miss it y’know, in fact I’m surprised I didn’t cut it out a lot earlier.

Tell me reader, are you vegetarian or have you ever considered it? Let me know in the comments

Until tomorrow, or possibly two posts on Friday actually, Debbi x

The Ideal Study Break

As an A Level student at a highly regarded school, it is not uncommon for me to spend an awfully long time on my schoolwork, potentially too long. Something I have learnt the hard way in the past two years is that study breaks are just as important as the actual studying as it allows your mind a rest. As I sit here in the midst of my second break from transcribing TV for my coursework, I thought I’d share with you three of my favourite ways of taking a break from work.

Number 1 – A walk
Living in a very small town means I have acres of countryside to walk through just a mere five minutes from my house. Taking a half-hour out to go on a short walk means you get fresh air, some exercise, and allow your mind to have a break. I often like to meet up with a friend for this walk as it really is nice to take your mind off the work with a cheeky gossip or catch-up

Number 2 – Social Media
As a self-proclaimed social media addict, I know how distracting this can be when you’re studying so what I like to do is turn off the internet on my phone and, for every hour I do some solid studying, I’ll allow myself five minutes to go on social media (the perfect amount of time to read the Cosmo discover on Snapchat)

Number 3 – Make some food
I’m one of the worst people at forgetting to eat when I’m not at school so the perfect way to spend a study break is by making and eating your lunch or just a snack (depending on the time). Eating will help your mind revive itself sufficiently to carry on working throughout the day.

So they are three of my favourite ways to spend a study break, what are yours? Let me know in the comments 🙂

Debbi x

Already lagging I see…

‘This week I will aim to publish at least one post every day’ cue missing the first day, well done Debbi…

So yes, I did miss publishing a post yesterday and nearly today, if I’m honest. Buttt, I am posting today and I’m just going to tell you what I’ve got up to.

As an A Level student, I have been set a pretty vast amount of summer work that I need to complete. But I’ve left myself some time for some R&R, which is how I’ve been spending today and yesterday.

Yesterday, I met up with three of my closest friends and went for a lovely little picnic. We ate, played Cards Against Humanity, played charades, played Hide & Seek (I know, we’re super mature) and had a water fight. It was so much fun and none of us used the internet at all in the time we were together. It was almost like when you’re a small child and can have hours of endless fun outside and not give a second thought about what to do. It was especially lovely as it felt like the social media cleanse I’ve been needing for the longest time.

Today was spent having a lovely long walk with one of those friends. We walked for ages, gossiping and laughing the whole way. As we walked near a river, and due to the baking heat we are experiencing in England at the moment, it was very tempting to just jump in and swim around. Luckily, we tested the water with our toes first and realised it was far too cold to even consider swimming but that was quite the refresher needed.

So yes, I’ve been quite outdoorsy in my study breaks today and yesterday and this will cue tomorrow’s post about the ideal stuyd break – stay tuned if you’re a student like me!

Speak soon,
Debbi xxx

Take 2

Nearly three weeks ago I published a post that seemingly vowed to write more posts over the next few weeks. 20 days later comes my next post, apologising.

I become busy over the past couple of weeks with a week of volunteering, an event to plan and a holiday all taking up my time. However, this week I aim to make it up to you, by publishing at least 1 post a day. Although I am currently doing A Level Coursework, this provides the perfect distraction, during my breaks, that is also productive.

After this week, I hope to have re-found my blogging mojo and be back with roughly 1-2 posts a week, although not on specific days.

In the meantime, if there is anything you would specifically like to read, please do tell me in the comments…

Debbi xx

It’s been a while

When logging on to the wordpress site today, it struck me that it had been a whole month since my last post, something I am ultimately not that happy about. My writer’s block has been acting up but I figured enough was enough and I needed to publish something. Of course, this meant I automatically turned to The Daily Post Daily Prompts and was struck with what can only be considered a prefect coincidence. Today’s prompt just happened to be Clock!

The clock has indeed been ticking on the JustDebbi blog but I’m finally back! It is now my summer holidays and I hope to write some opinion pieces on this blog over the next few weeks and I would like to ask you, as the reader, what you would like to read. Please let me know in the comments what you would like to hear from me and I’ll try my best to cater to any requests.

I will be writing again soon but, for now, why not check out my most recent post, an opinion piece on makeup.

Debbi x

Why do you wear makeup?

I am a makeup fan. All of my spare money goes towards buying cosmetics from a range of brands and I rarely go a day without spending a fair amount of time applying it. A common question I get asked by people is ‘Why do you wear makeup?’ and I know this is a common thing.

Commonly, makeup is assumed to be what girls wear in order to impress a guy. Not only is this highly hetero-normative and, therefore, outdated, but I know barely any people who follow this ‘rule’. This view is not where it ends, makeup is commonly considered to be a ‘lie’ and is looked down upon by some. I would like to address this today by sharing my makeup story.

My sister is six years older than me. From the age of around 6 or 7, I was exposed to her begging to buy makeup and using the stereotypical preteen Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse and flavoured lip gloss. I looked up to her, so obviously wanted to have the same things. My family allowed me to use play makeup, as many parents do, and I was ever so happy. This is the earliest I can remember having a love for makeup.

When I was younger, I was also an avid dancer. Every other year I would perform in a dance show in the summer and this occasionally called for a red lip or cheek of some description. There was no foundation or eye makeup just little pops of colour here and there. When I was 12, I begged my mum to buy me my first foundation so that I wouldn’t look washed out under the harsh lighting of the stage. Because this was for a practical reason, she complied and my makeup collection began to grow.

Over the following years, my collection has grown and grown, with products from brands of varying prices filling my dressing table. Each day, I pick out some of my favourite picks and apply. Some days I’ll wear just concealer, powder and mascara and be done in five minutes. Other days, I will go all out and spend a good hour, hour and a half producing a masterpiece on my face. But why do I do it?

The answer is simple, I enjoy the creativity makeup allows me to express. I’m a fairly confident person at the moment, but makeup allows me to boost this confidence further. No, I do not use it as a mask. My confidence comes from the pride in being able to wing my eyeliner flawlessly or picking the perfect shade of eyeshadow to match my outfit. Makeup is not necessarily a cover-up, the majority of people use it as a way of enhancing their natural beauty and expressing their inner creativity. Yes, I will cover a blemish on the majority of days but why is this a bad thing? I don’t see why it should be.

I also don’t understand why people get flack for not wearing makeup. It is after all your own choice what you wear and how you live so you do you.

This got slightly more ranty than I expected but I hope the point I was trying to make came across. I hope to be blogging a lot more frequently now my exams are finished but, for now, please share with me in the comments whether you do wear makeup and your reason for doing so or not doing so. I look forward to reading your stories.

Byee xx