A Letter To Myself Part 2 – This time next year

Hi Debbi,

It is nearly the end of your first year at University, I hope it’s everything we’ve ever dreamed of and more.

When we wrote the letter last year life was so much different, let’s address some of the things we mentioned and how our life has changed in every way…

Our friends – yes, the group did grow, and yes, some people were lost but that’s life, and we’ll forever believe that everything happens for a reason, I just hope the majority are still around.

Our job – although we loved our first job at the time, we now know it wasn’t for us…but that Christmas temp position we got at our favourite cosmetic store changed our life. So many of the people there are now what I hope to be our lifelong friends, they are amazing human beings.

Our happiness – the past year has been full of trials, but people still think of us as one of the happiest people around, and it’s never been faked. I hope that this will continue and that we will continue to always find something to be glad about.

We’ve hit our goals for this year, we are healthier (hello yoga!) and we’ve met so many new people again, they are amazing and you are too! 

I hope life has continued on an upward slope for us and that University is doing you well.

Until next year…

Hello reader,
If you’ve been reading my blog since the beginning, you will know that, just over a year ago, I published a letter that I had written for myself to read this year. This is my continuation of that letter…
Unfortunately, my blog has been lacking for the past 9 months, life has just been in the way. However, it is nearly exam leave, and then it’s a month until my A Levels are over before a long summer before starting at University. I hope to, after completing my exams, regain the inspiration I had when I began this blog and start to blog more regularly again.
Until June 22nd, Debbi x


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