Being vegetarian

For nearly two years I have been a strict ovo-vegetarian. ‘What is an ovo-vegetarian?’ I hear you say, well an ovo-vegetarian is someone who doesn’t eat meat or dairy but still eats eggs, thereby not being a vegan. It is likely, however, that I will one day become a vegan, just currently I am not as my eggs are supplied by my own free range chickens who I know are happy in their life.

Before I fully considered myself a vegetarian, I wasn’t exactly the biggest meat-eater. More often than not, I would choose a Quorn substitute over the meat the rest of my family would be eating for dinner that night. But at the end of 2014, I was feeling immense guilt every time I ate any meat, particularly chicken since my pets were my everything. By February 2015 I was happily referring to myself as vegetarian and wasn’t even tempted by the smell of my favourite meaty dishes.

Over the time I have been vegetarian, a lot of people ask the same questions… ‘But don’t you miss meat?’ ‘But WHY are you vegetarian?’ ‘haha but do you hate me because I eat meat?’
The answer to both the first and last questions is simply no. In my opinion, everyone is entitled to their own views on how to live their life and, although I think vegetarianism is the way forward, if it’s not for you then I can’t change that. With missing meat, I never liked it enough to be able to miss it y’know, in fact I’m surprised I didn’t cut it out a lot earlier.

Tell me reader, are you vegetarian or have you ever considered it? Let me know in the comments

Until tomorrow, or possibly two posts on Friday actually, Debbi x


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