Already lagging I see…

‘This week I will aim to publish at least one post every day’ cue missing the first day, well done Debbi…

So yes, I did miss publishing a post yesterday and nearly today, if I’m honest. Buttt, I am posting today and I’m just going to tell you what I’ve got up to.

As an A Level student, I have been set a pretty vast amount of summer work that I need to complete. But I’ve left myself some time for some R&R, which is how I’ve been spending today and yesterday.

Yesterday, I met up with three of my closest friends and went for a lovely little picnic. We ate, played Cards Against Humanity, played charades, played Hide & Seek (I know, we’re super mature) and had a water fight. It was so much fun and none of us used the internet at all in the time we were together. It was almost like when you’re a small child and can have hours of endless fun outside and not give a second thought about what to do. It was especially lovely as it felt like the social media cleanse I’ve been needing for the longest time.

Today was spent having a lovely long walk with one of those friends. We walked for ages, gossiping and laughing the whole way. As we walked near a river, and due to the baking heat we are experiencing in England at the moment, it was very tempting to just jump in and swim around. Luckily, we tested the water with our toes first and realised it was far too cold to even consider swimming but that was quite the refresher needed.

So yes, I’ve been quite outdoorsy in my study breaks today and yesterday and this will cue tomorrow’s post about the ideal stuyd break – stay tuned if you’re a student like me!

Speak soon,
Debbi xxx


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