Exams Exams Exams

Hello all,

You may have noticed that I have been fairly inactive the past couple of weeks. This is because I have gone on exam leave and am currently taking my AS exams (some are internal exams due to the new linear system). I have been spending all my spare time revising and hoping for the best. Therefore, my blog will be somewhat quiet until my exams are over.

2 down, 7 to go!


The Decision to Quit

Roughly a month ago I published a post entitled Fearless within which I discussed my new job briefly. After one month of working with the company I have decided to quit.

This was a hard conclusion to come to, as, I do really enjoy my role on the sales team of the clothes store I work for. However, the negatives of this job did ultimately outweigh the positives. Primarily, the time it took to travel to each shift was far too inconvenient, it could take up to 40 minutes.

Although I have decided to end this opportunity after such a short period of time, the point I was trying to make in my original post still stands. Fear drove me on that day and I am so glad I decided to actually take up the opportunity and it not work than to pass it by and regret it.

Thank you for reading x

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