My Mask

“What they don’t know won’t hurt them” – ha! Too many times have I heard this said about a situation. Masking the truth is something that happens much to frequently in my life. Maybe it’s what comes with being at an all-girls’ school – lot’s of gossiping, rumours, and secrets. Maybe it’s each person using their personal mask and creating a hyperbolic mask from it.

I mask the truth more than I care to admit. I’m not a liar, I merely withhold information when it is not needed. Maybe you consider this lying, maybe you don’t…but I don’t. This is by no means me saying that masking the truth is good. Often, it can actually be worse than being upfront.

My personal mask is that of hiding my stress and worries. I worry about making others worry over my stress so I don’t tell them which then causes me more stress – it’s an endless cycle, I know. As much as I want to let people know why or even that I’m feeling stressed, I  often keep it in in order to save them from worry. Of course, the times I have informed someone, I have instantly felt ten thousand times better for getting it off my chest.

This is the reason I have become a mentor at school, so that students can talk to me about their worries and feel better for getting it off their chest, let alone the feelings when we manage to find an effective solution.

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2 thoughts on “My Mask

  1. Isn’t it interesting that we often give what we wish we had…in this case you are there for others, but are reluctant to “burden” them with you worries 🙂 It stood out when you said that you felt “instantly ten thousand times better for getting it off your chest”…you deserve support and that kind of relief….perhaps you might try sharing with someone who gave you that sense of peace in the past…someone who can handle your worries….it is so wonderful that you are so empathetic and kind and have the desire to mentor others…what a wonderful difference you are making….try to keep open to the possibility that there is someone able to be that difference for you 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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