A Letter To Myself (Continued)

Hello again!

After last night’s post I’ve been feeling very positive yet nostalgic and was looking through some old documents on my computer. Over the summer I began writing some poetry and found one entitled Letter To Myself and thought I’d share it with you all to help you get to know me in a way. I’m not sure what inspired me to write this at the time but I can say I still feel the same way now. Please let me know what you think and maybe I’ll share some more poems in the near future.

Dear me,
Be confident in everything you do,
Never restrict yourself.
Always look at the best in people,
And place everything into perspective.
Don’t be afraid to ask for help,
No matter how trivial the issue.
And most importantly,
Never forget to tell those you love,
What they really mean to you.

Thank you for reading x


4 thoughts on “A Letter To Myself (Continued)

  1. Most of the times we think that we are changing with the demands of life, but at the core of ourselves,we are still the same. Nothing never essentially changes there. Validated for 3 different yet wise weird people, including me.

    I once saw a document containing thoughts about a random day and about 7-8 years later, I still felt the same. I came to of wonder, how smart the little me was, because all the while I considered myself to be a little dumb 😀

    Your poem is inspirational.

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