A Letter To Myself – 1 Year From Now

Hi Debbi,

 Firstly, good luck in your exams, I know you’ll be wanting to hear that.

Secondly, I know that, like most years, you’ll think the previous school-year was terrible, I’m going to remind you why it wasn’t…

You had (and hopefully still have) the most amazing group of friends. You knew you could trust them with anything and they were always there for you. You were also a really good friend back to them. I hope they’re still there and that the group has grown to include other people. But, if it hasn’t, don’t worry, it’s quality not quantity. 

You loved your new job. Yes, having a 6-day week seemed like a lot, but everyone was super nice and you always had a smile on your face. You were happy in your role, and lucky to find this place for your first job.

You were generally a very happy person. Remember when you were told you could basically see the sunlight shining from your eyes at 7:45 in the morning? That was a comment from a friend you had only just met, one of your best friends. I hope they are still in your life, they’ve made a big difference.

Now, a few goals I hope we’ll have achieved by the time you’re reading this. You’ll probably laugh at them but this is what you wanted…

Firstly, I hope we’ve become healthier. That’s never been our strong point, has it? But we’re starting to get there right now and I really hope we’ve continued it.

Secondly, I hope we’ve met lots of new people. We’ve spent too long keeping ourselves shut away, and have only really started to make new friends this year. All of these new people have made a big impact (some not so great but still) on our lives and we’d be such a different person without them. 

Thirdly, I hope we’ve stayed happy. This has been your best school-year and I hope your final year was/is even better. 

That’s it Debbi

Hello reader,
Today’s post was a bit more personal, maybe you learnt something about me from it? I have always enjoyed reading past diary entries to remember what my life was like at a certain time, and that is partially what this blog is for, but I’ve never aimed something specifically for me to read in the future, hence this post. Often I’ve seen people writing to their younger self and I considered that but I thought I’d much prefer to read this back in a year and reflect on the year gone by.
If you enjoyed reading this, why not give it a go? I’d love to read what you’d like to remind your future self about.
Speak soon x


9 thoughts on “A Letter To Myself – 1 Year From Now

  1. I was just about to sign off when I came across you post on Community Pool…I am glad I made the exception and read just one more….you post is so charming and uplifting and I look forward to reading more from you (I’m “following” you and will be sure to)…thank you for sharing and connecting 🙂


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