For just over a year now I’ve been a fan of meditation. It began when I was having cognitive behaviour therapy and meditation was recommended. I downloaded an app called stop, breathe, think that tailors meditations to suit your needs and I found that each day it would really help to make me feel calm and at peace.

More recently, I have been struggling to sleep and decided to try some sleep meditation at bedtime to help me drift into a peaceful slumber. I scoured YouTube to find a guided meditation that suited me and found the perfect one that I’d like to share with you all.

GUIDED SLEEP MEDITATION TALKDOWN – Insomnia – Relaxation is a 29-minute long guided meditation by TheHonestGuys. I’ve been using this nightly for the past couple of weeks and have only made it to the end once because it is that relaxing. In the comments section others say similar so it is clear this works for many people. If you are struggling to sleep, I would highly recommend this as it had completely changed my sleep patterns. Previously I was simply meditating to delta waves music but found that I would get to used to the music and would need to switch it up every couple of days to be able to actually sleep.

TheHonestGuys make many guided meditation videos that I intend to check out when I need them and I’ll be sure to let you all know how they work out.

That’s it for today folks, do you like to meditate? If so, is there anything you would recommend I check out?


5 thoughts on “Meditation

  1. I have recently begun to meditate and I too am finding it extremely helpful. I use the CALM app (Android) and I have had no problems so far.


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